about us


“It’s about bringing back the soul of the city of Intramuros.”

The first Manila Biennale will be set inside the walled city of Intramuros from February 2 until March 5, 2018. For an entire month, its many gardens, plazas, chambers, and museums will be transformed into platforms for art, performance and expression.

Manila Biennale:OPENCITY 2018 is a collaboration between six major art institutions in Manila #MNLBNL2018 has collated the programming of Anthology Architecture and Design Festival, The Cultural Center of the Philippines, Design Center of the Philippines, Fringe Festival Manila, Intramuros Administration, and VivaManila. These collective efforts will all fall under a common #MNLBNL2018 calendar.



The theme for Manila Biennale 2018 is “OPEN CITY”

“OPEN CITY” refers to Intramuros as the origin of our capital’s culture. It is a tribute to the walled city’s beginnings as a port for the Galleon Trade, a time when Intramuros opened itself up to the world and welcomed new ideas, products, and people.

“OPEN CITY” also refers to December 26, 1941, a vulnerable period in World War 2 when Manila was cleared of all military presence; a moment of tension between two colonized periods of our history.



The manifesto for the Manila Biennale:OPENCITY2018:

#mnlbnl2018 will be organized as a non-profit event.

#mnlbnl2018 shall be centered in Intramuros and the historical core of Metro Manila

#mnlbnl2018 The biennale shall advocate art which is site-specific and in dialogue with the histories of Intramuros.

#mnlbnl2018 shall focus on the issues and agendas of artists, art production, and art processes.

#mnlbnl2018 shall be artist-curated, artist-run, and artist-centric.