open city festival

curator: Carlos Celdran

miaCABALFIN / philippines

Mia Cabalfin has been a company member and faculty of Airdance Philippines since 2006, where she trains, performs, and choreographs. In July 2008, she participated in the Danceweb Scholarship Programme which was held in Vienna, Austria as part of the Impulstanz International Dance Festival. In that same year, she was also a finalist in the 3rd Wi_Fi Body Independent Contemporary Dance Festival New Choreographers Competition.

She, together with Rhosam Prudenciado Jr., was awarded a spot in the 2012 Artist- in-Residence Program of Kyoto Art Center in Kyoto, Japan (June-August 2012). For

their residency output, the duo choreographed, directed and performed in their full-length piece entitled “Housewarming”. Mia and Sam also participated in Ava Maureen Villanueva’s residency output performance for Dancebox Kobe in July 2012, entitled “jn lng sa may knto”. In 2013, Mia, together with 3 other members of Airdance, was recently part of a project commissioned by the Japan Foundation entitled “MAU”- where work was choreographed by kabuki grandmaster Kanjuro Fujima and toured throughout Southeast Asia. Throughout her time in Airdance, Mia has participated in various company productions, festivals, and artistic collaborations. Back in college, she was the president of the Company of Ateneo Dancers, and was recipient of the Dean’s Award for the Arts in Dance. Mia was also a television host and producer at a

major broadcasting company in the Philippines, ABS-CBN and its subsidiaries, Balls Channel and ABS- CBN Sports + Action. Currently she is the founder and director of Hiphop Hooray with Mia Cabalfin, a

dance workshop series for kids and teens, as well as instructor and trainor at Saddle Row.

rhos amPRUDENCIADO JR. / philippines

Sam is the Artistic Director of AIRDANCE PHILIPPINES and was the former President of Kawilihan-USA Dance Troupe of the University of San Agustin, Iloilo.

He is a recipient of “Ani ng Dangal 2010” awarded by Pres. Gloria Macapagal- Arroyo and NCCA (February 2010). He is also the recipient of The French

Embassy Prize for Young Choreographers (Grand Prize) of the Yokohama Dance Collection R 2009 held in Yokohama, Japan on February 5-8, 2009 and the 2008 2nd prize winner of the WiFi Body Festival New Choreographer’s Competition through his piece “Which Way?” In 2007, he competed with UP Dance Company in the 5th Mindanao Modern Dance Competition, TARI 2007 in Malaysia. Rhosam was a guest artist in the 11th Daegu International Dance Festival in Daegu, South Korea in 2009; studied contemporary dance in Micadanses and Menagerie de Verre in Paris; was granted a residency program under Centre Nationale de la Danse – Hoche, Paris and performed at Theatre Darius Milhaud – Paris, France in the same year. In 2012, he performed at the Mamiya Theatre, St. Louis Center for the Arts, Honolulu, Hawaii with House of Dance as they staged Ethnisyncrasies; Sam and colleague Mia Cabalfin were also awarded the residency program of the Kyoto Arts Center Dance Program 2012 in Kyoto, Japan where their collaboration, “Housewarming” was well regarded. Sam also toured and performed in

Japan,Indonesia,Malaysia,Singapore and Philippines with four other Airdance members in Celebration of the Japan–Asean Dance Collaboration November 4-29,2013.

 BT4A / australia

BT4a are an audio/visual group that seek out rhythms and patterns from the everyday. In collaboration with visual artist Clarissa Gonzales, this composition/performance and video projection is dictated by the frequency of traffic on a road within Intramuros. BT4a wish to ask you, what can we learn from a common street? What insights do they offer into the identity of place?

denisLAGMADEO / philippines
ianMADRIGAL / philippines
jackMERNIN / usa

Jack Mernin (b. 1991) is an American artist based in Belleville, Pennsylvania. He holds a BFA in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design. This is his first time exhibiting in the Philippines. – For his contribution to The Manila Bienalle: Open City, Mernin extends his exploratory practice rooted in painted imagery and written word. Adopting his working process to suit the specifics of prompt and historical reflection, Mernin chose to organize concern by means of a thoughtful, intimate sketchbook poem with accompanying images. The works on paper respect a methodology which values long-term historical memory (some of the motifs on display have been appearing in Mernin’s paintings for several years). Seen in the context of Open City, they take on new, graver meaning. The contoured shape of a tree top, for example, shifts its identity to the sign of a flame; in another related image, blank negative space suggests the appearance of a bomb. The main piece on display is a large, scroll-like painting which uses the former work as its direct influence and catalyst. Composed in an ambitious, single sitting, active forms dissipate the instant laid bare, vanishing within the quick, unstable time of painterly distribution. Mernin’s use of stencils further emphasizes kinds of form conjured by means of their loss or removal, asserting the shadowy presence of a prior thing. Throughout the painting’s dynamic composition, swaths of pure color and light play amidst dextrous handling, prompting an exuberant looking experience within the beholder. One’s eyes are held captive to a perpetual scan, resting on select details before circling back to a mirror-like whole. The work desires modes of attention defined by unique, interrelated potentiality: active responses meant to invigorate, stimulate, and question our shared understanding of ever- shifting hierarchies and history.

KHAN OF FINLAND frankfurt/germany/


KHAN OF FINLAND, born of Turkish-Finnish parents in Frankfurt/Germany. 1992-2002 living in New York City, he owned the electronic record shop Temple Records NYC, hosted downtown art events and parties, run three record labels, produced and performed with a variety of artists and projects: Captain Comatose, Tiefschwarz, Air Liquide, Diamanda Galas, Julee Cruise, Kid Congo Powers, Little Annie or Brigitte Fontaine. 2002 he moved to Berlin where he works and lives as a producer, performer, and visual artist. His catalog counts more than 300 physical releases. Group and solo exhibitions worldwide. Theater and soundtrack work for television and feature film including cameos. Khan presented “Angels Of Disguise” photo-book/box-set (Fantome Verlag) at Kassel’s documenta13. 



“PHONE CUE” is a site-specific installation/performance with video projections, sound stream, and light. Artist Statement: “Today we barely see the stars. Bright city lights bleach the skies. We’d rather look at the glow on our cell phones. Today’s stories are told on our Facebook walls. The gods we evoke come as shiny electronic gadgets. We dance in line on eBay sales, we leave our marks on the corner of Instagram and Snapchat. The modern city is the place of our desire. We come to meet our dreams. A dream that seems to expand endlessly and is shared by millions. Still we feel isolated. This project proposes that we have a choice and that there are alternatives to a normative commercial life where citizens are more than mere “purchasing powers”. We do not stand in line for summer sale, we stand in line to dance and celebrate life in the city.” 



JO TA bolivia



JO-TA, born in Bolivia, he made studies in environmental engineering (BOL) and Master of Arts, Visual and Media Anthropology (DE). In 2009 he started as a Vj working at the Festival LaPazTook, shortly after he joined the collective Oi Mas Bass, with which he organized the Latin American festival Kiebre (2011-2012) in La Paz. He performed with artists like Efecto Mandarina and Bolivia National Symphony Orchestra among others. Also he participated in different audiovisual festivals worldwide. 2014 he was called as Secretary of Culture at the Embassy of Bolivia in Berlin, Germany. Jo-Ta currently works as a Video Artist for Rebeam creating International Networking and he is a partner of VisualCom. His last show was a collaboration with Monom Sound at the opening, founded by 4D Sound in Funkhaus-Berlin. 



“PHONE CUE” is a site-specific installation/performance with video projections, sound stream, and light. Artist Statement: “Today we barely see the stars. Bright city lights bleach the skies. We’d rather look at the glow on our cell phones. Today’s stories are told on our Facebook walls. The gods we evoke come as shiny electronic gadgets. We dance in line on eBay sales, we leave our marks on the corner of Instagram and Snapchat. The modern city is the place of our desire. We come to meet our dreams. A dream that seems to expand endlessly and is shared by millions. Still we feel isolated. This project proposes that we have a choice and that there are alternatives to a normative commercial life where citizens are more than mere “purchasing powers”. We do not stand in line for summer sale, we stand in line to dance and celebrate life in the city.” 



arthurTAVERA philippines
weeWILLdoodle philippines


doodling, street art, jamming, live art, toys, music, robots, monsters, tentacles, ninjas, unicorns, rainbows, markers, graphic design

mayleeTODD / canada



MAYLEE TODD is a Canadian independent musician, performance artist, producer based in Toronto, Canada. She released her first solo album, Choose Your Own Adventure 2010, and her second record Escapology 2013 on the Do Right Music label. “Baby’s Got It” reached number 10 on the Billboard charts throughout Japan. Todd has performed on the Billboard Live Stage and CrossOver Jazz Fest. Her music covers a wide variety of genres including pop, indie-rock, soul, jazz, electronica, and bossa nova. She has a taste for exotic instruments, and sequencers such as the Paraguayan harp. She is distinguished as a stage performer by her flair for comedy and the dramatic arts. Maylee Todd’s latest project is Virtual Womb.



“VIRTUAL WOMB” is a visual and auditory show, where the audience walks through her work and interacts with video projections. Her work is a place of gestation, rebirth, death, mediation, new ways of thinking and tapping into a collective consciousness; a multimedia show containing interactive therapy, installation, projection mapping and dancing all set to a live musical performance. 



 MODELAB / mexico



MODELAB is an artistic initiative that explores public space attending its past, current dynamics, and the role it plays in society both as environment and architectural materiality. Since 2014, Modelab has organized different projects, in different cities, in close collaboration with artists, scholars and scientists. Modelab is devised by Claudia Arozqueta and Rodrigo Azaola of Mexico City, United States of Mexico.

“WAYS OF SOLITUDE” is a public art project curated by Modelab in the Baluarte de San Diego gardens that explores the role of solitude in the history of Manila. Through a series of interventions involving different media (installation, sound art, painting, gardening, ceramics, stencil art) the project reflects on three periods of Manila’s history in which solitude has a strong presence: the colonial era, the post-war period and the present. An e-publication, including an essay by scholar Jose Mari Cuartero from Ateneo de Manila, will be available for download on the day of the opening at



sipat lawinalwinREAMILLO / philippines

Alwin Reamillo is an interdisciplinary artist living and working between Australia and the Philippines. He started a degree in painting at the College of Fine Arts, University of the Philippines but did not graduate and began his career as a lecturer in visual arts at the Philippine High School for the Arts. After migrating to Australia in 1995 he was admitted to the Master of Fine Arts program at the Western Australia School of Arts due to his work and continued practice but without holding a Bachelor’s degree.

Reamillo became interested in the ideas of mobility, memory and exchange. His practice – ranging from painting, photography, collage and sculpture to mixed media installations to performance and shadow puppetry – is fundamentally rooted in the notions of mobility, trans-cultural movement and collaboration. Artist’s use of mobile elements and crafts reflect his ideas around travel, migration and cultural identity. Expanding on the Beuysian concept of ‘social sculpture’, Reamillo continues to create sculptures that allow movement, dialogue and exchange as well as engages himself in cross-cultural collaborative projects. Alwin Reamillo has participated in established international shows such as the Venice Biennale (as part of artist duo Reamillo and Juliet, 1995), Havana Biennale (1997) and others.

toymIMAO / philippines

TOYM IMAO is a Filipino multi-media artist who excels in both sculpture and painting. Spanning an art career of more than 30 years, his works can be found in major cities in the Philippines, Vietnam, the USA and Europe.

He is a sculptor and painter in both classical and contemporary styles, a writer, set/production designer and film maker. He first trained in the arts under Philippine National Artists for the Visual Arts Napoleon V. Abueva and Abdulmari Asia Imao (his father). His formal training came from the University of the Philippines (B.S. Architecture, Masters in Fine Arts) and Maryland Institute College of Arts (M.A. Sculpture) under a Fulbright Scholarship. He studied film and apprenticed under premier Philippine director Marilou Diaz-Abaya. He credits his mentor National Artist for Literature Alejandro R. Roces for his passion for Philippine history and culture.

Toym started his career as an architectural designer and public art sculptor, designing and building monuments and shrines. His degree in Architecture gives him the design perspectives of a trained builder. Certainly, his architectural skills are indispensable as he builds more than life-sized statues and public art installations. His public artworks are always accomplished with masterful craftsmanship and display architectonic strength and historical depth. He takes delight in discovering little known facts and incorporating them in his artworks. Toym has received recognition from the cities of Manila and Quezon City for his contributions in the field of Sculpture. Some of his most notable works are the Tandang Sora National Shrine in Quezon City, the Andres Bonifacio National Shrine in Maragondon, Cavite, and the Dr. Jose P. Rizal statue in Carson City, California.

Toym’s art has evolved from the traditional monument-building that he does in the Philippines into the more experimental and contemporary. In the past five years, pop culture has invaded his work. Using Japanese anime Voltes V, Mazinger Z and Daimos to tell narratives about Martial Law and the Conjugal Dictatorship, Toym has built massive art installations exhibited at the UP Palma Hall. Still, his work remains relevant, truly original and palpably Asian.

Toym has exhibited at Cultural Center of the Philippines, the Metropolitan Museum of Manila, the Ayala Museum, and at the Lopez Museum. He was an Artist-in-Residence at the Creative Alliance in Baltimore, Maryland, and has also exhibited in galleries in Baltimore, New York City and Washington, D.C.

Most recently, he has expanded his artistic horizon by being involved in film and stage. He is a Cinemalaya Best Production Design awardee for K’na the Dreamweaver and Gawad Buhay awardee for Set Design for Tanghalang Pilipino’s Mabining Mandirigma: A Steampunk Musical. He also designed the sets for Ballet Philippines’ production of Crisostomo Ibarra and Simoun as well as Tanghalang Pilipino’s Pangarap sa Isang Gabi ng Gitnang Tag-araw – Rolando Tinio’s translation of Shakespeare’s A Mid-summer Night’s Dream.

vimNADERA / philippines

Tayabas-born but Sampaloc bred, VICTOR EMMANUEL CARMELO D. NADERA JR is an Associate Professor at the University of the Philippines where he became the Director of the Likhaan: U.P. Institute of Creative Writing. Vim holds BS and MA Psychology degrees from the University of Santo Tomas, and completed his PhD in Philippine Studies at the University of the Philippines Diliman.

​A practitioner of arts-based psychological interventions since 1993, Vim has worked with cancer survivors, persons with AIDS, drug dependents, “comfort women,” street children, sexually abused children, and men and women caught in crossfire, human-made, and natural calamities. In 1996, he wrote a play Sens Op Tyumor wherein cancer victims became victors as actors .

Together with his wife Ellay, he founded the Foundation for Advancing Wellness, Instruction, and Talents Inc. (Foundation AWIT) in 2008.

​Vim is currently the Director of the Philippine High School for the Arts.

WSKMEJIAS / netherlands
arcaCERAMICS / mexico
anjoBOLARDA / philippines

Anjo Bolarda is a self-taught artist whose works have been exhibited in several local and international venues. He creates projects that deal with stories of people living in contemporary society. He works with spaces, time and everyday elements through paintings, illustrations, installations and performances. Aside from his artistic practice, Anjo is also the community founder of Behance Philippines, a platform to guide emerging artists/designers in their practice. He is also a co-director of 98B COLLABoratory, a Manila based artist-run initiative and space.

dulceCHACON / mexico
JOL3NA / philippines


martinDE MESA


anggeLORENTE / philippines

Angge Lorente is an upcoming visual artist who excels in painting. Fascinated by the human form, she chose to paint in a detailed realistic style rendering her subjects with adept precision. Her artworks are mostly photo-realistic scenes with an air of mystery. Her paintings are like unfolding bits of vague narratives which capture one’s imagination. The showcase of skills and the intrigue that the paintings stir in the audience are what hold the allure of Lorente’s artworks. Lorente also dabbles in street art. She extends her artistic process onto public places in order to access more audience. Through her realistic painting style (consistent with her studio works), random pedestrians easily relate to the motions and mystique Lorente’s subjects convey. Her art stirs up the psyche of the otherwise zombified person going through the robotic motions of the day.

maleGAZE / philippines
racquelDE LOYOLA / philippines

Born on February18 th 1980, an artist based in the Philippine. She was one of the founding member of an open loose network called New World Disorder which was conceived in 2002. Her works primarily addresses the issues of women, identity, colonization, migration, displacement, capitalism and globalization. She is exploring on crossing established discipline with particularity to soft sculpture, music and movement. Aformer lead vocalist for the Manila based folk rock world music band Talahib which was established in 2000. She is a Darmasiswa Scholar in Jogyakarta Indonesia in 2002. Presented a collaboration work with new world disorder at the Laokoon festival in Kampnagel Hamburg Germany in 2004, Asia meet Asia in Tokyo Japan in 2002 and 2005, performed at the Currency Festival in New York, in Asiatopia05 and attended the South East Asian Performance Symposium in Bangkok Thailand in 2005. She was actively engaged and presented works locally and abroad. A shortlisted Artist for the Ateneo Art Awards in 2007.Racquel de Loyola was a recipient of the CCP 13 Artists Awards in 2009 and received an artist residency program from Asian Cultural Council New York in 2013. Presented work for the Triumph of Philippine Art Exhibition at the George Seagal Gallery Montclair University New Jersey USA and USC Fisher Museum Los Angeles California 2013 and The Ayala Museum in 2014.

brisaAMIR / philippines
cristESPIRITU / philippines

Crist Espiritu is a visual artist based in Manila, Philippines. His art has been featured in various art related sites and magazines all over the world. Throughout his career he has consistently produced artworks shown in local and international galleries as well as murals and streetart pieces. He has stated in several interviews that he makes art “to instill a culture of critical thinking amongst his audience”. His visuals usually consist of deconstructed familiar images juxtaposed against erratic abstract expressionistic backgrounds and solid geometric figures. In his paintings, fragmented cartoon characters, anatomical parts, pop culture references and paint spatters are all thrown together creating a colorful chaos that lingers in one’s psyche. Through these wild imageries Crist Espiritu creates witty commentaries about the current human condition.

auggieFONTANILLA / philippines

Auggie Fontanilla is co-founder of the artist collective Pilipinas Street Plan. He’s joined numerous group shows and as been exhibiting as a solo artist since 2012. Auggie’s illustrations are rendered in clear, neat outlines, drawing inspiration from gang emblems and prison insignias. He is also an active member of the graffiti crew KST.

rezNIK / Philippines

Born in 1975, Tehran, he grew up and lived in Asia for most of his life, in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. Finished high school at Brent, received a bachelor’s degree in architecture from UST, and set off to Malaysia for graduate studies in Islamic arts and architecture, specialising on star-vaults. In addition to jewellery design, glyptic art, wood carving, and the makeover of only two interiors, his main passion in the arts manifests in an almost obsessive pursuit of Gereh (quasi-crystalline arabesque), and Opart, using media that range from mirrors, to ceramic tiles, shells, decorative stones and even Formica. The idea of mirror as art medium comes from a longstanding tradition in baroque, Persian and Mughal architecture. Whereas in the classical usage, patterns have remained within classical terms for 300 years, Rez Nik attempts to use this traditional material to express new concepts and notions, drawing from science and nature.

annathaLILO / philippines / germany

Annatha Lilo Gutierrez: ETHEREAL VISION

Arts and crafts never left me. Working on fabric has been part of my growing up years.

My chosen medium is painting on silk using silk dyes. Quilting , embroidery and crochet embellishments are some of the techniques I use.

All of these techniques have been part of our maternal history. My German mother sewed my sisters’ clothes and mine.

I have been working with fabrics the past 20 years, from the time I started practicing interior design to the time I exported baby linen.

[My chosen themes] are fairy tales, myths and legends which we look back with images and stories embedded in our soul as pleasant, natural foundations when (and if) we grow up.

Starting from making artworks framed to hang on walls, I ventured into creating handy phone pouches and ladies bags.

For my new exhibit, I include hanging lamps and soft installations for the home or the workplace.

Goddesses, angels, fairies, earth, wind, water and fire are a few of the motifs which inspire my vision to share with the viewer socially relevant issues about healing Mother Earth.

carolineGARCIA / australia

CAROLINE GARCIA is a culturally promiscuous, interdisciplinary artist. She works across live performance and video through a hybridised aesthetic of cross-cultural dance, ritual practice, new media, and the sampling of popular culture and colonial imagery. Caroline’s practice is shaped by alterity. In her work, she centers peripheral bodies by adopting the role of shape shifter – sliding into the gaps between cultures, experiences of otherness, and timeless clichés of exotic femininity. She takes an intersectional approach to contemporary dance (read: twerking), the politics of diasporic identity and notions of cultural piracy. She is concerned with reimagining forgotten choreographies, alternate ways of viewing images of the past that eschew classical myths, and the mimetic capacities of the Filipina. Caroline has presented at The Art Gallery of NSW, The Museum of Contemporary Art, The Institute of Modern Art (QLD), The Art Gallery of Western Australia and Fremantle Arts Centre for Proximity Festival (WA), Underbelly Arts Festival, Channels: The Australian Video Art Festival (VIC), Junction Arts Festival (TAS), and Art Month Sydney, among others. She has exhibited at the ACMI, CCP, The Substation, Firstdraft, Sydney Contemporary, The Sydney Film Festival Hub, BLINDSIDE, Blacktown Arts Centre, Penrith Regional Gallery, and UTS ART. Caroline’s latest work Flygirl, was recently developed at The Curtis R. Priem EMPAC Residency in New York, facilitated by Australia Council for the Arts. 

THE BREATH OF DEATH is a new and interdisciplinary work, that will be presented across the platforms of performance, dance, installation and video art. The main performative component of this work will explore the practice of using a ‘blowgun,’ a simple weapon consisting of a narrow, long tube for firing light projectiles or darts. This weapon uses force created by one’s breath to give the projectile momentum, limited by the user’s respiratory muscles. The blowgun, also known as the sumpit is still used by indigenous groups from the Philippines, including natives from Palawan and Sabah (formerly part of Mindanao) for hunting or warfare. This blowgun performance interrogates ethnographic images of ‘the savage’ as well as subverting gendered forms of labour and war, especially in regards to the military. 

dexFERNANDEZ / philippines

Born 1984 in Caloocan, Philippines, Dex Fernandez is an interdisciplinary artist who lives and works in Manila, Philippines. He is currently known for his ongoing street art project called Garapata.

Fernandez’s eclectic compositions challenge the traditional definitions of high culture and fine art. In 2015, he became a recipient of 13 Artists Award by the Cultural Center of the Philippines. His works been a part of numerous local and international exhibitions, shown in spaces such as UP Vargas Museum, Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), Museum of Design and Contemporary Arts (MCAD), Pablo Gallery, West Gallery, Drawing Room Contemporary Arts, Pinto Art Museum and Silverlens in Manila, as well as Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Primo Marella Gallery in Italy, Topaz Arts in New York, Osage Foundation, Lightbomb Contemporary and Rossi & Rossi in Hong Kong, 1am Gallery in San Francisco and Owen James Gallery in Brooklyn, NYC. Fernandez also participated in the first Urban Art Fair in Paris, (2016) and Singapore Art Biennale 2016. He also completed residency programs at Vermont Studio Centre (2011), Ping Pong Art Space Taiwan (2012), Lir Art Space, Yogyakarta, Indonesia (2013) Asian Cultural Council in New York, Fine Arts Work Center, Massachusetts (2015), Ongoing Art Center, Tokyo (2016).

hamishLANG / australia

Hamish Lang is a Melbourne based sound artist.  

‘Buhat (Since) Broken’ is a reinterpretation of the classic Filipino love song ‘Buhat (Since)’ and a homage to the actor Rosario Moreno through a haunting soundscape. Unfortunately, Rosario’s career came to a tragic end during the Battle of Manila in 1945. Before this, she featured prominently in some of the earliest examples of pre-war Filipino cinema, earning her the title ‘Queen of Tearjerkers’. One of her boldest roles was playing the character Magdalena in the movie Tunay na Ina (or True Mother). The story focuses on Magdalena’s attempt to hide her secret child who was a product of rape from her soon-to-be husband. The story is one of loss, redemption, secrets and, above all, love. The film famously features the song ‘Buhat (Since)’, which is sung multiple times to convey hope and celebration. For the piece ‘Buhat (Since) Broken’, the original song has been reinterpreted into a melancholy soundscape, which stretches and breaks the original song into something familiar yet unsettling. The piece has been eroded using both modern and vintage recording techniques and is broken down, much like the walls of Intramuros were in 1945. 

ioanaGEORGESCU / romania/canada

IOANA GEORGESCU  is an artist and novelist born in Bucharest, Romania. She lives in Montreal, Canada. Her work is presented worldwide and encompasses performance art, video-installation, photography, drawing, painting and literary fiction. Her projects are often site-specific and process-based, They interrelate and trigger chains of reactions. They address memory, identity and displacement in relation to body and site. Ioana has exhibited and performed in Barcelona, Berlin, Vienna, Novi Sad, Lisbon, Ljubljana, Montreal, Toronto, Quebec City, New York, Cairo, Yogyakarta and Beijing. She has participated in three international action and media arts festivals in Manila : Tupada’05, Tama’06 and Tutok’08. Open City Manila Biennale 2018 is in continuity and marks her fourth return to the Philippines.

“PHONE CUE” is a site-specific installation/performance with video projections, sound stream, and light. Artist Statement: “Today we barely see the stars. Bright city lights bleach the skies. We’d rather look at the glow on our cell phones. Today’s stories are told on our Facebook walls. The gods we evoke come as shiny electronic gadgets. We dance in line on eBay sales, we leave our marks on the corner of Instagram and Snapchat. The modern city is the place of our desire. We come to meet our dreams. A dream that seems to expand endlessly and is shared by millions. Still we feel isolated. This project proposes that we have a choice and that there are alternatives to a normative commercial life where citizens are more than mere “purchasing powers”. We do not stand in line for summer sale, we stand in line to dance and celebrate life in the city.” 

“MANILA CITTÀ APERTA” Two parts work with performance and video-installation components. Water Monument, a collaborative art action at Fort Santiago and Dust Monument: a video projection at Puerta Real. The Manila “open sequence” is part of the Mobile Monuments series. Memory and intersecting histories are experienced and expressed through performing bodies and performing sites. Several bodies are at play: human, architectural and even microscopic. They evolve and interact, crossing virtual and real spaces. A dialogue between past, present, life and death takes place and generates a new narrative.

jefCARNAY / philippines

Jef Carnay: Filipino Visual / Performance artist: exhibited his works in local and international art galleries, museums and alternative spaces: performed both local and international art events since 1999: curates live art performances/happenings: board of trustees / assistant treasurer of FILVADRO Filipino Visual Arts and Design Rights Organization a collective management organization for visual arts and design: an active member of the core committee of TutoK [artists initiative]: convener of the art event “Bulong” a night of poetry, songs and other performances: lead vocalist of the band “earthfishfish”.

atsukaSATORI / japan

Performing as a DJ since 2009, Atsuko’s known for creating a unique musical atmosphere that combines elements of groove and funk with everything from warm and organic house tracks to smokey deep house tracks. She’s recently earned recognition as an up and coming female DJ and expanded beyond Japanese borders to perform at parties in Taiwan, Guangzhou, and a number of other countries throughout Asia. Choosing an extremely diverse profile of records to play during her sets. As DJ Unit Palm Babys, she played cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco during a tour of the west coast of the United States and is doing everything in her power to make a name for herself as a female DJ.

kennyTAI / philippines

About: Kenny Tai


Industry Arts

Introduction I design, illustrate, and animate in simplicity.

Drop me a message at

marsBUGAOAN / philippines
miguelAQUILIZANjessicaAQUILIZAN / australia
michDULCE / philippines

British trained milliner Mich Dulce creates contemporary hats and headpieces with wholly sustainable, socially enterprising and ethical Philippine raw materials combined with traditional European millinery techniques. Following training at Central Saint Martins, London College of Fashion, the Fashion Institute of Technology New York, and Ecole Lesage, Mich was named as the British Council’s 2010 International Young Fashion Entrepreneur of the Year and has since been working on her line of contemporary millinery which she showcases at London and Paris Fashion Week. Mich has worked with Marjan Pejoski, Jessica Ogden, KTZ, and most recently Maison Michel Paris.

With each passing season, as her collections become more comprehensive, continually pushing the boundaries of what her brand is known for, Mich Dulce is establishing herself firmly as the milliner to watch right now. Each collection surprises with new applications of trademark techniques and re-interpretations of the way traditional textiles can be relevant and innovative. Dulce says “It isn’t enough to just make pretty things. The fabric and craft employed in making my hats are an essential part of my work and showcase the heritage, history and traditions of Filipino craftsmanship. I want to show this to the world whilst remaining creatively engaging”.

The Mich Dulce label was first sold globally in 2009 and has since been stocked in Tokyo, London, Paris, Milan, Florence, Bangkok, Beijing, Singapore, Shanghai, Manila, Melbourne, and New York. Prominent personalities have worn her creations, like Anna Dello Russo, Lady Gaga, Adam Ant, Leighton Meester, and Georgia May Jagger to name a few. Alongside her seasonal ready to wear collections, she continues to create bespoke millinery, corsets and bridal wear.

M.O.B /philippines/usa

MANANANGGOOGLE” is a dark fantasia of corporate production, “Manananggoogle,” in the Teatrillo C-Suite (Dungeon). The founders/chief officers of Manananggoogle Inc. are allowing visitors to the C-Suite a rare window into the machinations of a formidable female future. Lean in, bend over: underground and overseas, an intoxicating and intimidating evening of corporate bloodlust awaits.

 NEO-ANGONO / philippines

Established in November 2004, NEO-ANGONO is both a movement and organization founded by visual artists, writers and poets, musicians, theater people, filmmakers, cultural workers, and art critic and researchers.

reza daaneshSOUZAN / iran
MuseoPAMBATA / philippines

The Museo Pambata is a children’s museum in the Ermita district of Manila, near Rizal Park, in the Philippines. It is located in the former Elks Club Building, built in 1949, along Roxas Boulevard at the corner of Katigbak Drive.

indyPAREDES / philippines

Indy Paredes’ art practice is situated under a close understanding of the physicality of Filipino urban culture, most especially the dynamics of living and creating in residential spaces in congested areas in the metropolis. He examines the interrelation of his perception of constructions in private and public spaces and his study of the individual’s ways of negotiating with it through experiential output in the form of large-scale site-specific sculpture and installation.

Paredes’ main influence and reference is his observation of the general attitude of middle-class Filipinos towards their immediate environment, and how their temperament and livelihood affect the way they build and interact with their spaces. He insists on not limiting his work to a metaphorical reading, hence he chooses to present a type of staged experience that is bound by his use of materials found on actual sites- materials that are consequential to the framing of a specific vantage point. This perspective is notably refreshing since the artist acknowledges a reality that many Filipinos consider severe and visually unsatisfying.

His work then is a coherent visual description of the foundation of the mental processes that describe the ethical and social considerations of being a Filipino who is struggling with the demands of maintaining a decent life. What does one use and what does one take away? What are the processes by which materials and situations are maximized? How does one choose to build his walls and not be perpetually inconvenienced? These are some of the artist’s concerns, and his aim is to present multi-sensory experience through visual work based on his continuing investigation of the local culture and the Filipino psyche.

Indy Paredes (b. 1988) took up painting at the University of the Philippine, Diliman. He has participated in a number of exhibitions and has shown work at 1335MABINI (PH), Galleria Duemila (PH), West Gallery (PH), Tin-Aw Gallery (PH), and Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris (FR).

jpPINING / philippines

amorPROPIO / philippines
THIRD WORLD IMPROV / philippines

Third World Improv school is the first school in the Philippines dedicated to teaching the art and craft of improvisational theater.

Set up in 2015 by Gabe Mercado and the members of the pioneering improv group SPIT, Third World Improv aims to produce improv practitioners who are authentic, innovative, culturally and socially relevant and a lot of fun.

Our instructors are all members of SPIT and have between nine and thirteen years of experience performing improvisation, highlighted by representing the Philippines at the Manila, Hong Kong, Beijing, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Amsterdam Improv Festivals.

They have also learned from some of the best teachers in improv including Paul Sills, Jason Chin. Armando Diaz. Mark Sutton, Shaun Landry, Ed Reggi, The Second City, Treehouse, Magnet Theater and many more.

shigekiFUKUDA / japan

SHIGEKI is a Tokyo – Berlin DJ now based in Manila. His set is known for – what he calls it Modern Acid Disco – genre less, Trip and soulful dance music crossing over disco, house, and balearic,

tinaHAVELOCK STEVENS / australia

TINA HAVELOCK STEVENS is an artist from Sydney, Australia who works across performance, video, sound and experimental documentary. Havelock Stevens’ background as a documentary film maker and drummer in the post punk music scene has a direct influence on the way she practices. She makes portraits exploring the state of the contemporary world and works in a spontaneous open-ended way that allows for unexpected outcomes. Havelock Stevens’ works have been exhibited at institutions and festivals worldwide with recent shows at Campbelltown Arts Centre, Australia 2017 (Winner Fisher Ghost Prize); Fremantle Biennale 2017; UNSW Galleries, Sydney (John Fries Award Finalist); Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney 2017 (The Big Anxiety Festival); MILL 6 Foundation, Hong Kong, 2016; Performance Space, Carriageworks, Sydney 2017 -2015; Bulletspace,, New York, 2014; Dark Mofo  & Mona Foma, MONA, Hobart 2016/2013; Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne 2015/2013; PS 122, New York ,2013; and Artspace, Sydney 2010. “BEATS OF DARKNESS” is a video and sound work produced in the time frame of a week specifically for Manila Biennale:Open City. Made with a methodology of spontaneous response the artist uses a combination of experimental documentary and drumming performance that tunes into the frequencies of specific sites and place. Using the 1979 film ‘Apocalypse Now’ as a departure point BEATS OF DARKNESS features sites that were once locations for the production shot in areas of Baler. When projected at Intramuros the work acts as a double echo to reflect on the Philippines relations with the US economically, politically and culturally. For Open City the artist will perform the soundtrack as an improvised live score in front of the projection in collaboration with local ethnomusicologist and percussionist Tusa Montes.

toqa isabel SICATaiala AIALA /usa / philippines
wtaDESIGN / philippines

OUR STUDIO WTA Architecture and Design Studio is a multidisciplinary group of young and idealistic architects and designers based in Manila, Philippines. DESIGN. REFINE. DEFINE

We believe in and practice architecture that is socially relevant. Architecture that relates to the community, promotes urbanity, and develops society.

As architects and designers, we are often tagged as technical or artistic professionals. We would like to believe that more than that we are humanists. We are curators and proponents of the urban realm and we are in the business of creating places. Places that live and breathe, places that are a critical part of people’s lives and play a vital role in defining their sense of self and community.

Our studio is a place of ideas and possibilities. A place where design and architecture serve to create new and exciting possibilities for our clients and the communities that we serve. It is critical for us that in architecture we find the means to contribute concrete and definitive improvements to the city and to the lives of those which we serve.

In every project that we undertake, we ponder on the future and always strive to define the spaces that we create and develop. This design process requires a constant stream of dialogues and critiques in an atmosphere where open ideas can be shared, an environment that cultivates intense desires to constantly search for better and brighter solutions.

eggFIASCO / philippines

Egg Fiasco (b.1986) studied fine arts In a University in Manila but in 2006 he got enamored more in the risky frenzy of wall tagging and graffiti. His signature tag is punctuated by fluffy whipped forms and his ubiquitous namesake that are shaped like three sneaky eggs. Few years after he started experimenting with several styles and techniques. His works are convergence of several influences, not only urban art but also from pop culture, folk arts, comic graphics, toys and tattoo culture. With his image, he try to create live worlds that mutate and transform all the time, Retro futuristic images and ambiguous characters. Known as neo-graffiti or post-graffiti. He participated in numerous group exhibitions and also a part of different communities that showcases ephemeral art on streets.