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MANILA : OPEN CITYCURATOR | Matthew Lopez“Is there a Philippine style?”, quipped an ageing artist on what were the merits in incorporating abstraction into the Philippine contemporary art scene burgeoning in the years after the war of Manila. And in response, “I suppose so; it is probably happening being created right now!”. The words by the late Philippine abstractionist and art educator Fernando Zobel (1924-1984) rings true to the concept on what is the progress of Philippine art in the age of a tech-savvy social media populace of contemporary times. As the world turns its attention to the Philippines, there has been a greater focus on the thriving art scene that has progressed through the political and economic development that shaped this young archipelagic republic. In this series of lectures and panel discussions, this central question shall be addressed by understanding and projecting the progress of Philippine art in the realm of nostalgia, memorialism, social realities, cross-boundary exchanges and gender issues.

FEBRUARY 4 / 1-4PM Nostalgia: What Have We Got To Lose: A Discussion on the Progress of Philippine Art by Felice Prudente Sta. Maria MODERATOR | Michael Charleston “Xiao” B. Chua The lecture recounts the experiences of award-winning author and culinary historian Felice Prudente Sta. Maria through her recollections with art patron Luis Ma. Araneta and her subsequent exposure in the Philippine contemporary art scene that she traversed in her various capacities as a young cultural administrator.

FREE ADMISSION (Online Registration Required)


FEBRUARY 17 / 1-4PM Social Realities: Writing the City: A Roundtable Discussion on Art Criticism with panellists: National Artist for Literature F. Sionil Jose, Katya Guerrero, co-moderated by Eileen Legaspi-Ramirez and Odel Paras-Perez MODERATORS | Eileen Legaspi – Ramirez & Odel Paras – Perez A special roundtable discussion as part of the two-day art criticism workshop and what has been the development of art criticism since the times of Rod. Paras-Perez and Leonidas Benesa as art ventures towards more avant-garde mediums including photography, video installations and other mixed media done in contemporary times.

This talk is exclusive for the Sensing the Site-Specific: An Art Criticism Workshop hosted by Eileen Legaspi-Ramirez. Php1350.00 for talk on 17th and workshop with Eileen Legaspi-Ramirez on 18th. Email: to reserve. (Subject: CRITIC ONE)


FEBRUARY 24 / 1-4PM Gender Issues: Beyond Filipina: A Discussion on Contextualizing Gender Issues in Art and Society with panellists: Nikki Luna, Michelle Dulce, Imelda Cajipe-Endaya and Flaudette May V. Datuin MODERATOR | Ces Oreña – Drilon The panel focuses on the role of feminism and other gender issues of the modern-day Filipina which is being interpreted through art, fashion and literature as a representation of the challenging realities being faced by women in society today.

Php350.00 or FREE with a purchase of a passport or student/day pass Email: to reserve. (Subject: HISTORY)


FEBRUARY 14 / 3:30-8PM Launching of the Perro Berde Magazine BY INVITATION ONLY co-sponsored with the Embassy of Spain in the Philippines St Valentine’s Day will see the Manila Biennale in Intramuros fall under the spell of Perro Berde, the only local Philippine-Spanish cultural magazine, which is now on its 8th edition, with the launching of its printed issue and third digital version at the Teatrillo de Casa Manila in Intramuros.

A more colorful equivalent of the English idiom “stranger than a three-headed dog”, the Spanish expression “más raro que un perro verde (green)” is adopted with a Tagalog twist to give a name to this magazine as Perro Berde exemplifies the peculiarity and uniqueness of the fusion of two cultures.

Published by the Embassy of Spain in the Philippines and the Instituto Cervantes de Manila, the publication has provided a space for artists, writers and researchers from different countries since 2009. Perro Berde 7, which this time has the decisive support of Art + magazine, promises to surprise its readers with its new format (designed by the prestigious Madrid-based Köln Studio) and interesting topics that summarize the best of the past 18 months of Spanish-Philippine cultural action and other relevant issues.

The presentation of the new edition of the magazine also serves as an excuse to discuss with professionals from the world of Philippine art the health of cultural publications in the Philippines. Against the unbeatable backdrop of the first Manila Biennale, this roundtable discussion, moderated by Ringo Bunoan and Katya Guerrero from, will survey the recent history of art magazines published in the Philippines and their role in creating and developing awareness about art.

Magazines have long been an instrumental part of the art ecology, bridging art and mass cultures by providing accessible information about art to a wider public. The discussion will bring together representatives from a number of magazines to look into various publication formats and strategies, from independent zines to mainstream publications, and explore how these can be used as platforms for discourse as well as sites for artistic intervention. Participants: Krip Yuson (Ermita and San Juan), 2. Imelda Cajipe Endaya (Pananaw), Bogie Tence Ruiz (Transit), Judy Freya Sibayan (Ctrl+P), Duffie Hufanta Osental (Art +), (ARLyra Garcellano (Traffic), Rica Estrada and Lara Acuin (Teaching Exhibitions) and Marc Ocampo and Patricia Tumang (Archive 01). The roundtable will be followed by a DJ session by Erick Ong aka MULAN (XX XX Resident). MULAN has met the kind of success that only a select few can even hope to aspire to, as his incredible versatility and knowledge of even the most eclectic musical selections that can intoxicate any dance floor. His conquests include playing in Suicide Circus (Berlin) as well as Shelter and Dada (both in Shanghai). He has opened for many known international acts such as GaslampKiller, Bone, T-1000, Jim Masters, Daedelus, Pinch, Addison Groove and Kode 9, just to name a few.

FREE with a purchase of the MANILA BIENNALE Passport


FEBRUARY 18 / 2-9PM Zine Sale Event Co-sponsored with Studio Soup Zine Library with a special performance by Patrick Cruz RAJAH SULAYMAN, FORT SANTIAGO, INTRAMUROS
FEBRUARY 4 / 1-4PM Memorialism: Memorialising History: A Panel Discussion on How Contemporary Art Bridges the Past with panellists: Solvita Krese, Kiri Dalena, Angel Velasco Shaw, Luigi Singson, Jeremy Clemente MODERATOR | Matthew Lopez The panel shall discuss the historical context on which art conceptualizes through the various narratives with regards to war and destruction in Europe in the aftermath of Nazism and Communism, the colonial dynamism of the imperialism of Spain, the United States and the Philippines and the experiences of contemporary memorialism towards a millennial generation.

Php350.00 or FREE with a purchase of a passport or student/day pass Email: to reserve. (Subject: MEMORIAL 1)


FEBRUARY 23 / 1-4PM Cross-Boundary Exchanges: Homebound: A Discussion on Philippine Art in the Diaspora with panellists: Dr. Anna Cristina Pertierra, Alwin Reamillo, Rick Rocamora, Marikit Santiago, Bambina Jacinto, Dr. Clement Camposano This panel ponders on the what is the experiences of the balikbayan or overseas Filipinos in contextualizing their own experiences with connection towards the trends of transnationalism, borders and the identity on what is the real essence of nationhood.

Php350.00 or FREE with a purchase of a passport or student/day pass Email: to reserve. (Subject: HOMEBOUND)


FEBRUARY 3, 10, 17, 24 Bayanihan Workshop & Activies co-sponsored with the Sipat Lawin Ensemble and the Museo Pambata February 3, 2018: Tie-Dye Activity and Storytelling Session: Bamboo Garden

February 10, 2018: Silk-Screen Activity and Storytelling Session: Book Stop, Plaza Roma

February 17, 2018: Chime-Making Activity: Plaza Roma

February 24, 2018: Transitio of the Bayanihan Spirit House;

Shadow Play Activity and Fringe Activities: Plaza Rom


FEBRUARY 17-18 / 1-4PM Sensing the Site-Specific: An Art Criticism Workshop The Manila Biennale’s Sensing the Site-Specific art writing workshop is a two-day event that plays up the encountering of art in places that are already infused with contentious ideas of past and present. By encouraging participants to reckon with Intramuros as spatial framing for the works embedded in the walled city’s nooks and crannies, the writing that comes forth will hopefully go beyond the merely impressionistic and self-referential.

Php1350.00 for the workshop. Email: to reserve. (Subject: CRITIC ONE)


FEBRUARY 17 / 1-4PM Film Screening & Talk of Lost Frames Lost Frames is a screening event that features video and film from artists whose works occupy the margins or interstices across the vast field of moving images. From its origins inside a small screening room in Cubao, Lost Frames has gathered more than 50 filmmakers, animators, designers, and visual artists from regular screenings held since 2015. Each screening event includes talks by artists and an open forum with the viewers as well as other artists/filmmakers. This format of presenting and discussing the works opens up a more enriching viewing experience, which is geared towards developing a community where anyone—whether amateur or professional, student or artist—can participate and put forward artistic or practical concerns. From its initial attempts to future regular screenings, Lost Frames aims to adhere to this simple format, which is discovery through viewing, and understanding through discussions. As part of the first Manila Biennale to be held in Intramuros, Lost Frames adopts the idea of Open City which coincides with the festival’s aim to explore the city’s history and identity through art.

Participating artists for Lost Frames: Manila Biennale include Pablo Biglang-awa, Glen Cruz, Miguel Lope Inumerable, Arvin Kadiboy, Jim Lumbera, Neo Maestro, Manny Montelibano, Kaloy Olavides, Jippy Pascua, Maria Reodica, Gerome Soriano, Ivan Zalmagi, The Weather Bureau, and Alice & Lucinda.

A screening, talk and open forum will be held at the 3rd Floor, Mission House, Museo de Intramuros on February 17, 2018, together with Manila Biennale’s featured moving image artists, Vic Balanon, Gary-Ross Pastrana, and John Torres.

FREE ADMISSION Email: to reserve. (Subject: LOST FRAMES)


FEBRUARY 22 / 1-4PM Australian Pavillion In line with the commemoration of 60 years of diplomatic relations between the Philippines and Australia, a special forum on contemporary art will be held by Martin Paten, Trevor Hogan and Vincent Alessi on what is a contemporary art festival and how does it pushes forward the idea of bringing art to the people.